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If you would like color on your Chronic Surfboard we offer airbrushing, pigment lamination and foam stains. Airbrushing offers more variety and detail but some airbrush colors are UV sensitive and can change over time. Pigment lamination is simply putting color into the fiberglass. This can be done with one color or many colors to form an abstract, marble, tiger stripe or wood grain. But you are limited in design by the trimmed ends of the fiberglass. A foam stain is resin with pigment applied directly to the foam. Foam stain designs are usually the whole board or simple tape offs like rails or stripes. One big advantage to pigment is they will never change color. So, if you like a detailed design, order airbrush. However, if you want the color to last for 30 years, order pigment.

Glass jobs for Chronic Surfboards is two layers on the top and one layer on the bottom. Extra layers can be added at $1.00 per foot. The Factory uses Hexcel E Glass in 4oz, 6oz, 7.5oz silene and volan. We also carry Hexcel S-Cloth in 4oz and 6oz. The S-Cloth provides exceptional overall strength. Most of the big guns and pro Pipe boards get S-Cloth. If you are breaking boards you might want to consider paying a little extra for S-Cloth.

The Factory uses Silmar UV resin, which cures 100% in just 5 minutes. This gives the customer a board that is rock hard and ready to ride. If you like epoxy boards, The Factory also offers a lamination with Aluzine.

You can get three finishes on your custom Chronic Surfboard. First, our "pro sand" is sanded to 320 grit and is preferred by all the top pros for its crisp feel. Second, is our standard, which is called the "show room finish" which is a very shinny sand finish, excellent for stores or just making your board stand out in a crowd. Finally, The Factory's gloss polish work is unmatched. If you have ordered a board that you consider art work, this is the finish you want.

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