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1960-Swam on the first day of swimming lessons. 
-, Began bodysurfing.
1969- Bought my first surfboard.
1972-Convicted of interstate transport of a stolen auto and various other offenses, left home to go surf and never went back....CHRONIC.  
1975-Began learning to play guitar. 
1977-Arrested for surfing, cited for disorderly conduct...CHRONIC. 
1979-Received eleven stitches in the arm from a shark bite while surfing. 
1980-Began working on surfboards.  
1981-Added two fins to a 5'7 twin, rode it all winter in Puerto Rico...CHRONIC. 
1982-First band "Mango Jam" opened for top rock group at Aguadilla in Puerto Rico.  The crowd of 650 incited a riot...CHRONIC. 
1983-Flew to Spain with $650 and a Black and Decker 5000 to make surfboards on a handshake and three days notice...CHRONIC.  Nearly succumbed to excessive night activities in the Basque country.  Wintered in the Canary Islands on $5 a day...CHRONIC. 
1983-Dirt road trip thru West African desert to find mysto point break, arrested and barely avoided incarceration in one of the worst jails in the world...CHRONIC. 
1985-Made a five fin board with a proprietary removable fins system for versatility while traveling and tested it extensively in Mexico and El Salvador. 
-Shaped first board. 
1987-Moved to Oahu.  1990-Married, first day of honeymoon surfed Uluwatu for five hours...CHRONIC. 
-"Otis & The Abusers", notorious for climaxing shows with a surfboard sacrifice get extensive radio play with "I Feel The Need" (To smoke some weed.) 
-Third Band, "The Strangers".  2003-Started the CHRONIC label and never looked decide.

CHRONIC 6'4 (Click on Picture) surfboard Chronic Retro Twin or Quad 5'10 (Click on Picture) surfboard CHRONIC 9'6 (Click on Picture) surfboard

Custom Surfboards from Hawaii by Otis Schaper

Otis starting building boards at age 14, out of necessity, he couldn't afford to buy one from a store. Starting building surfboards himself, friends and his brothers.

Otis never went after board building as a business or to inflate his ego by hiring team riders, he was doing it because he loved to surf. He stayed away from contests and the image scene just shaping boards for hardcore surfers. In 2005 he began working with Keegan Edwards who, with Otis's shapes, got 5th in the world longboard tour.

After shaping thousands of surfboards Otis continues to focus on the hardcore surfers, he avoids the tour scene and concentrates on shaping and his music.

Otis CD -
Meet The Strangers


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